Laboratory of simulation
of flow processes
Technical University of Košice
Institute of Metallurgy
Department of Metallurgy and Foundry

The LSPP is focused on investigating the flow of liquid steel in a continuous casting process

Laboratory of simulation of flow processes


The history of physical modelling of continuous casting process has begun in 2004, when the water model of CCM was built in cooperation with U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. in Faculty of Metallurgy. The water model in scale 1:3 consist of two ladles, boat type of tundish with stopper rods and two molds. This model is fully computer controlled and enables to simulate steady-state and transient casting conditions.

The gradually obtaining of know-how in this area enabled to implement the model outputs to start a business with praxis home and abroad. Nowadays there is the routine cooperation between our scientist and steel plants and producers of refractory materials relating to the testing and development of CCM components and in practice of casting before its application in real CCM.

The physical model of tundish U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.
The physical model of tundish ŽP a.s.

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The physical model of tundish


The numerical simulations

Rádio Slovensko

Korzár Košice

Prezident U.S.Steel s.r.o.

Jamesa E. Bruna, President U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.

Professional publications

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  • shared laboratory between FMMR and ŽP VVC s.r.o.

The aim:

  • The laboratory SimConT is focused on the field of physical modeling research and the optimization of steel flow phenomena in the tundish of ŽP, a.s.
  • To solve current practice problems and the accelerated transfer of the research results into real CCM as a specific innovation projects

T-type tundish

The obtained know-how has been applied on the creation of shared water model laboratory relating to tundish of ŽP, a .s. The longstanding experience of our scientists enables to build the most modern, top-level laboratory, which is the major part of tundish metallurgy. The unique of this model consists in the control system, which is similar to real CCM and enables to control of all levels and flowages online, so it can simulate all operating conditions, including transient casting.

We use two basic methods for measuring and evaluating measurements:

The scheme of optimisation procedure of tundish metallurgy

Laboratory of numerical simulations of metallurgical processes

  • The special software is used for the numerical simulations:
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The laboratory provides:

  • the numerical modelling of liquid steel flow processes and metallurgical processes,
  • the numerical simulations of particular components of continuous casting machine, which are focused on steel flow and heat transfer, including mesh generation and post-processing,
  • computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD,
  • the combination of numerical simulations, physical models and practice.

Mesh generation

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  1. To project and produce water models of any shaped tundish, mold, impact pad, submerged entry nozzle and other components of the continuous casting machine
  2. To simulate the liquid metal flow in process of continuous casting
  3. Component optimization of the continuous casting machine
  4. Problem-solving of tundish metallurgy (slag regime, ladle well fillers, covering and refining powders, casting powders)


  • Železiarne Podbrezová
  • U. S. Steel Košice
  • ŽP Výskumno-vývojové centrum
  • IPC Refractories



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